The Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is designed for anyone seeking self-improvement and who is willing to dedicate themselves to focusing on true, meaningful results.

The Leadership Academy consists of 5 consecutive days of work sessions (40 hours). These work sessions are a combination of facilitated instruction, case examples and relies upon active participation by all attendees.

The work sessions are:

Session 1:

The Leader As Visionary & Strategic Planner

Among the topics to be covered: Strategic Issues facing organizations of all types over the next 10 years and how to plan and manage around them; how to make “that visioning thing” work for you and your organization; techniques for strategic and tactical planning; improving productivity and quality; creating a learning organization versus a trained organization; obstacles to getting what you want and how to overcome them.

Session 2:

The Leader’s Role In Implementing Effective Management

Among the topics to be covered: How to create an environment that fosters effective decision making and acceptance of accountability at all echelons; implementing an effective job performance review system; how to improve communication among and between individuals and departments.

Session 3:

The Leader As Inspirational Team Leader

Among the topics to be covered: Who is the “team” for this organization? What does it take to create and maintain an effective team, focused on the agencies mission and objectives? What factors become obstacles to effective teams? What is senior leadership’s role in leading by example and expecting others to follow accordingly?

Session 4:

The Leader’s Role In Budgeting & Finance

Among the topics to be covered: How to always be prepared for budget presentations; integrating the organization’s goals with the budget process; how to sell your budget; how and why to involve decision makers throughout your organization in finance and budgeting. (This is not an accounting or bookkeeping class!)

Session 5:

The Leader’s Role In Effectively Marketing The Organization

Among the topics to be covered: Why every organization needs an effective marketing program; fundamentals of marketing, community relations, publicity and media relations; how to deal with negative press; how and when to conduct a press conference; how to get the word out about your organization without relying solely on local media; critical elements in developing an effective marketing program.