Fraud Investigations · Employee Misconduct · Sexual Harassment Investigations  · Ethics Violations · Corporate Compliance Investigations · Political Corruption Investigations ·
Civil Liability Mitigation

Labor Relations · Policies · Change Management · Continual Process Improvement · Crisis Management

Conflict Resolutions LLC,  provides confidential services to private organizations and Government agencies where a problematic issue needs addressing or has risen to a critical stage. Solutions are derived by in-depth analysis of the root problem, review of employee/leadership issues or discrepancies and by providing strategic options for implementation in order to improve or correct the situation.

  • We investigate alleged violations of rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and Standards of Conduct by evaluating alleged misconduct as a result of investigative procedures.
  • We act as a confidential, independent review and evaluation body to ensure compliance issues/concerns within the organization are being appropriately evaluated, investigated and resolved.
  • We identify potential areas of compliance vulnerability and risk; and develops/implements corrective action options and strategic plans for resolution of problematic issues.
  • We provide general guidance on how to avoid or manage similar situations in the future.


Foiled Embezzlement Attempt. Business leader suspected he was victim of insurance fraud. Led investigation, revealing complicity of personal assistant and accountant in scheme to embezzle $200K.

Directed Corporate Investigation. Manufacturing firm reported suspicious loss of funds. Conducted investigation, revealing involvement of principal and accomplice in plan to remove $100K in order to de-value the company prior to impending sale.

Developed Operating Plan, Maximizing ROI. Conflict Resolutions was tasked to create police department with city’s existing budget. Led in-depth analysis, reviewing personnel requirements, capital expenditures and policies and procedures. Developed effective plan, enabling the city to get the most from their budget of $1.1M.

Recovered Stolen Property, Averting Organization’s Bankruptcy. Chamber of Commerce Director was accused of stealing $70K. Directed investigation, determining extent of damages. Discovered the Director had stolen and misappropriated State grant funds. Aided in conviction, preventing closure of the organization.

Turned Around Poorly Performing Operation. Police Department faced accusations of corruption and negative public perception. Assumed leadership, reorganizing staff and improving community alliances. Acted as Change Agent, reducing crime rates and boosting productivity, employee satisfaction and public image.


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